Open your umbrella

Lex van Hees

Inge Eykholt

Jim Graafland

In this interactive installation guests will experience what it’s like to participate in a protest in Hong Kong. Protests in Hong Kong started in June 2019 against plans to allow extradition to mainland China. Clashes between police and activists have become increasingly violent. There is a huge contrast in data provided by the Hong Kong Police and the data of the protesters. This interactive installation will tell both stories. The data provided by the police is shown on the big screens, in the interactive umbrella a protestor will tell his side of the story.

The Hong Kong protests are a difficult subject. It’s a huge political matter and it’s risky to take a position. One of the first things we came across during our research was a website sponsored by the Hong Kong Police. With this in mind we came with the idea to provide information from two opposite sides. The differences in data are enormous. For example, according to the police 338.000 people took part in a large scale protest. On the other hand, the organisation of the protest claimed that 2 million people took part.

Hong Kong turned into a battlefield during these protest. So to give power to this data we want our guests to experience what it’s like to attend a protest. In our installation a protestor will guide you. His point of view is shown in the umbrella. We choose to illustrate his point of view with an umbrella because this is an object frequently used in the protest. Guests of our experience can look around freely with this interactive umbrella and discover the data. The big screens in the room will expand the experience and give you the feeling you are really attending a protest. The data according to the Hong Kong Police is also shown on these screens. Surround audio completes this immersive installation. 

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